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Combeferre had been spending many evenings with Sybil, especially since the strange faceless plague had descended over Darrow. Seeing the hospital slowly fill with those affected had shaken even her, the most sensible and competent of nurses. That would have been enough to keep Henri at her side, but doing so assuaged his guilt as well. He hated being useless, with no solution to the epidemic and without a position in the hospital that would allow him to at least comfort the fallen. At least he could comfort Sybil, and in that way do his part.

Jehan, dear friend that he was, had understand all this innately - even the slightest hints of apology for his absence were summarily dismissed. Still, Combeferre did what he could to make up for his absence, and to ensure that his friend was still safe from whatever horror had befallen the city.

“Prouvaire?” Combeferre had returned home from another night spent with Sybil, nudging open the door with his foot, in his hands a bag of pastries from the corner cafe. The morning was still new, so there was a decent chance that Jehan was still asleep, but Combeferre immediately saw him sitting on the sofa. “You’re up early,” he observed with a curious smile. “I have breakfast, if you haven’t eaten."
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Jehan had a book open on his lap, his head bent as if he was reading it, but it slid to the floor as his head lifted slowly and he got to his feet, turning to face his friend with his head tilted a little to one side.
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Jehan just kept standing there, unresponsive to his friend's calls. After a minute he turned back and sat again, hands resting on his knees.
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Jehan was silent (how could he be anything else, with no mouth?) as Combeferre moved about, but he would turn his head in his friend's direction from time to time, as if he could somehow see without eyes.
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Oblivious to the fact that Combeferre was discussing him on the phone, the faceless Jehan continued shifting every now and again, feeling around for the misplaced book and resting it on his lap again at one point, pressing his palm to the cover before fumbling it open to a random page.
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If Jehan could hear him there was no sign of it. His hands absently turned pages in the book, tearing a few of them without seeming to notice.