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OOC: State of the Pups

Henri Combeferre. Oh my bb. My current job has been an insane and overwhelming boon to playing ‘ferre, and the more historical context I learn, the more I realize how much I still need to learn to properly get inside his head, and it’s scary, but ugh, I love it so. In the process, I’ve actually tweaked his backstory a little bit (not in any way that any of you should care about, unless you really want me to go history of science nerd at you), and while it doesn’t change anything directly about the way I play him, I do think it changes his mindset a liiiiittle bit, so that’s interesting. Also, I find myself constantly adding little details about his life in Paris beyond Les Amis, which is delightfully fun.

Basically, I am awash with an ever-growing library of headcanon that no one except me cares about and it’s awesome.

Despite some dips along the way, he is actually pretty deliriously happy and remarkably settled right now. Marius has arrived OH MY GOODNESS, and he’s feeling somewhat responsible for making sure he is okay. He is also having to deal with the certainty that he and all his friends died, which, while not a shock, is a lot to take in. But Henri copes by processing things in private and throwing his energy into making sure everyone else is all right. There are going to be some cracks in his brave front, and he’ll need a friend to talk things out with, but overall, he is good at coping.

His relationship with Sybil is going fantastically, and they continue to be cuter than cute, duh. Up next, they are going to be having Actual Sexytimes, and then will be homeplot-ed to Downton for a couple days. Cue hijinks.

Also looking forward, he will be starting medical school in the fall, but I think he’s going to realize pretty quickly that it’s not quite what he wants. In the 1830s, a doctor with a small private practice who does a lot of research science, teaches, and is involved in politics on the side wasn’t crazy at all, but in the modern world, the lines between all those things are much more distinct, and I think he’s going to start bumping up against the confines of modern medical practice, as well as his need to shape the wider world, not just help individuals (as noble as that might be, he is insisting I add). I have no idea what direction he is going to go in, and I’m pretty excited.

Dr. John Watson. This Saturday, John is going to be plunging headlong into fatherhood when Evelyn Sherlock Watson (yes, we went there) is born. Naturally, he is freaking the hell out. He has basically been throwing himself into being a Good Husband, and he’ll be throwing himself into being a Good Dad with just as much desperation, as though he can somehow make up for not remembering his wedding or most of Mary’s pregnancy. Poor man, he wanted to be married, he wanted kids, but he didn’t expect to get it All At Once Out Of Nowhere.

Of course, this is all part of his larger project of, I Can Totally Have A Normal Life If I Try Hard Enough, Honest. He has a wife, he will have daughter, he has a totally normal and boring GP position, and despite being thrown into someplace as wacky as Darrow, he is committed to carving out a stable life for him and Mary (and now little Evie). He’s even going to find himself a therapist (which I still need to figure out). But, well, the Watsons are both pretty crap at the Normal Life thing. Cracks are going to start showing pretty quickly, and he is going to start getting himself into lots of little bits of trouble, hopefully dragged into some crime solving and wacky adventures, which he will probably lie to Mary about, and then feel guilty, and everything will be a wonderful mess.

Plus, he has this giant piece of his heart still missing where Sherlock Holmes used to be, which he really doesn’t know how to handle. He never got a chance to process Sherlock’s return before ending up in Darrow, and though he is trying to hide it, he is basically having to grieve all over again. So there’s that to deal with, too.

Damn it, John, when will you learn that you can’t make Feels go away by ignoring them? Oh right, never.


Rene Charles Francois de Courfeyrac. But really, just call him Courfeyrac, or he will cut you. This app is happening, damn it. I was already pretty sure I would be apping him soon, but now that Marius is here, oh my goodness the boy won’t shut up. He says he needs to save his friends from themselves. Asshole. I’m in the process of re-reading the appropriate Les Miserables bits, and then very very soon one crusading lawyer boy will be finding his way to Darrow.
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I guess I just IMAGINED replying to this. No real preference. Either Finnick, Kathy or Abby for Henri? All of the above are interactions I've really enjoyed. And who do you think would work for Watson?
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OKAY. It's technically closed but if you'd like to tag, feel free. :) Otherwise, I can put up something private.

OKAY. That sounds delightful. Mindy confuses me, tbqh.
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XD Yaaaay.

And yay! I will tag the EP, then, if you are sure you don't mind. :)

Heeeee. Excellent. I will keep an eye out for an opportunity to tag her. Orrrrr, oh god, how would she feel about being Mary's OB/GYN?
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That's fine! Apologies in advance for any delays.

Oooh, that might work. Would have to be run by Deense, first, though. Taking Mindy on as an OB/GYN is not to be taken lightly...
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I just saw this now and I just wanted to say that I care about Combeferre headcanons immensely and if you ever want to history science nerd at me, FEEL FREE! :D

Also, Marius can definitely provide a shoulder for Combeferre to lean on, it's the least he can do, especially since he's kind of dealt with grief himself?

Also, I totally feel Combeferre changing his mind about medical school. I know Marius is a lawyer but I feel like modern law would totally overwhelm him, so I'm thinking of trying to find something for him that involves translating/languages since he's good at that kind of thing.

Also, omg, Sybil and Combeferre, babies! They are such a precious, awesome couple and I look forward to stalking all your threads. >:D

ALSO COURFEYRAC!!!!! :DDDDD I know Marius is very excited and I can't promise he won't fling himself upon Courfeyrac in a ridiculous manner when he arrives. ANJDNNFEKGMR GRKGRKGE. FEELINGS.

Also, I use also too much but I just want to say that I love threading with you and I love your Combeferre and your Watson! <3333333.
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Oh, no worries! April has been hectic and kind of crappy to me too, so I know the feeling! <3.

WOO HEADCANONS! Sorry. I love headcanons a LOT and these are all fantastic! Oh yes at the Bonapartist father! That will be fun/interesting to play off of! (And Marius has all the father emotions, so I apologize in advance for that. XD) And wow, those guys sound wonderful! Thank you for the links! :D

YES OMG YES. BABIES. Very much looking forward to the epic and magical shenanigans they get into! (Courfeyrac getting Marius drunk is a thing that should happen at some point. :D) And LOL yes, Marius totally does. Also, I'm bringing in Ophelia de Luce and she's going to be making doe/moon eyes at Courfeyrac constantly, and for that I am sorry. XD

Also can I just say how much I love you're using young!Christian Bale? His Laurie is my favorite ever and I just flail at him during that movie every time and now I'll see Courfeyrac and it makes it 1000 times more awesome!

akdjkfmket I am super delighted to be here and I am so glad I've met you! I've loved threading with Henri so far and I've loved getting to dork out with you! And I am so excited for Courfeyrac, OH MY GOODNESS. :DDDD