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Henri Combeferre

(I'm sorry, really I am. XDDDD)

Current: Pretty much where I left him last time I did one of these things, which says something about how much life keeps getting in my way. Happy with Sybil, somewhat unsure what to do with Marius, learning about the supernaturals, trying to figure out what to do with his life. Deense and I are in the middle of playing out Henri and Sybil Sexytimes ( :O ), and once that is done, we will fiiinally be homeplot-ing them and sending them to Downton for a few days.

Future: I have a plot that has been percolating in my brain for a few days now, and while I'm not sure what form it is going to take IG, it's something that I'm increasingly excited about.

I want Henri to get involved with KIRIN.

Here's the thing. When rping or writing fic for Les Amis, it's really easy to forget their radical roots, especially when you put them in a modern setting. Combeferre comes from a world where most political progress has happened via violent regime change and even nonviolent methods called for fundamental destruction of the social order. Combeferre might be relatively moderate, but the list of people that he is said to read regularly is almost entirely made up of scientists and proto-socialists. So the idea that people would try to further equality by kinda sketchy scientific means? Doesn't make him blink. He's already sort of sympathetic to the idea that Darrow “natives” would be suspicious of newcomers and when he hears about KIRIN, he's going to genuinely believe that making powers more widely available will make relations better.

Because Equality. And Science.

I'm not sure what will convince him that this is a Bad Idea. He'll disapprove of Kirin's Horn, but that won't make him think that that Kirin's goals are bad. He won't be turned off by the shady, cold, intense characters involved because, well... anyone who has a passing knowledge of Les Mis can probably guess why icy, intense revolutionary types don't bother him. He's going to have to do a /lot/ of thinking about his own powered friends, of course, and something will finally come to a head. For now, he's just going to start gradually hearing about it and making sympathetic noises.

Dr. John Watson

Current: John Watson is a goddamn father. Let's just let that sink in for a moment. As one can imagine, he has been doing a lot of not-sleeping, and a lot of flailing over Evie, and he and Mary have probably been exhausted and zombie-ish at most of their friends and acquaintances.

In general, I'm still trying to get John some more friends. He's gotten close to Tara and, as an extension, Jax pretty quickly, and I love he and Alex trying to figure each other out. But he still needs doctor buddies, and ex-soldier buddies, and detective buddies. Sometimes I feel like I haven't done enough to get him settled, but John is really bad at settling. Still, he needs friends. Gimme all your threads, people. :D

Also, though he is currently in Pretending To Be Normal, I would love to get him involved in crimesolving/troublemaking/badassery-requiring plots, because that's what he does best. He will insist every time that he is getting involved Just The Once, but like a good addict, he will always come back for more.

Future: Already, though, John is getting antsy. He keeps getting himself into little bits of trouble, and though he doesn't quite know it yet, there's more than meets the eye to just about everyone with whom he has struck up a rapport since arriving in Darrow. Things are really going to get messy when the creepy carnival shows up in town and starts leeching all its bad vibes. He's going to get twitchier, and fall back into old (snatched from ACD canon) gambling habits, and somewhere amidst it all will most likely find out Mary's secret. And then he will definitely need his friends around.

Rene Courfeyrac

I've finished my re-read of the middle section of Les Mis (Marius' first appearance through the fall of the barricade) and put my darling crusading lawyerboy on reserve and ahhhhhh. I am so excited. Since he bears a distinct resemblance to Patrick Bateman, he is going to have plot right off the bat, and once that settles down, well, there are people to meet, and friends to mock, and women to sleep with, and politics to play. And then there's Operation: Get Marius Laid. Now that the Work Month of DOOM is almost at an end, I can actually start thinking about writing the app, too. YAYS.

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And then there's Operation: Get Marius Laid.

I CAN'T. adklekgegr rr yrmy kr. Bless, that's going to be beautiful. <3.

Marius is currently a very bright shade of red and emitting chipmunk noises behind his handkerchief. :D

And Ophelia is chinhanding at Courfeyrac as we speak.

Also, Combeferre + KIRIN sounds like a fantastic plot and I'm excited to see where you go with that!
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That absolutely needs to happen, yes!

LOL, no worries. She brings it on herself. :D