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Early January

The snow still stands in high drifts when Combeferre makes his way through it towards home. The city has done its best to clear what paths they can, but lazy merchants and forgotten corners have left enough icy patches upon the pavement that one must walk with careful step. Combeferre should be weary from his days of making do in the stranded hotel - deep down he is - and he should be cold from the slushing snow - he must be, if he stops to think about - but neither tiredness nor weather trouble him today. In plenty of ways, his week with Sybil has not been what he planned for, but in the way that mattered most, it had been precisely right.

Leaving Sybil at her own apartment, he walks through snowdrifts to his building with a light and cheerful step despite what should be a miserable trek. When he arrives, he is glad to see his flat alight. Prouvaire will need to know that he has returned - and should be told his other news as well.

“Jehan? I’ve made it back."
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It had been a stressful few days, fretting about the safety of his friends trapped in the snowbound Kagura, and Combeferre's voice was more welcome than Jehan could express. He'd been sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee as he picked at a bit of bread and cheese and read, but his book and food were abandoned the moment the knob turned. "Oh, Dieu, I'm so glad to see you!" he cried, rising to his feet and crossing the room to embrace his friend firmly. "Are you well? And Courfeyrac? And Sybil?"
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"Oh?" Having reassured himself that his friend is well, Jehan stepped back, expression curious. "In that case, you will find me a rapt listener, my friend. Come and join me and tell away." He gestured back towards the kitchen table, moving to retake his seat there.
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Jehan sat up straight at that news. "Combeferre, why did you not tell me?" he asked, somewhat aghast. Oh, he would have dearly loved to help his friend plan the perfect proposal--even if it seemed it was doomed to go awry, at this point.
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Jehan wanted to protest, but they both knew any argument he could offer would be weak at best and outright false at worst, so he just sighed and nodded. "Well, then, tell me all about it," he said with a small grin.
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Jehan pressed his hand to his mouth, shaking his head a little. "Oh, Dieu, she didn't! What did you say when you found her?"
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It was genuine dismay on his friend's behalf combined with vague amusement, although perhaps he expressed it a little dramatically.

The thought of a romantic proposal being foiled was probably far more heartbreaking to him than it was to his friend, though. "And I imagine Sybil was not terribly put off by the lack of romance in the end?" He gave his friend a crooked smile, because of course she'd said yes. She would have to be mad not to say yes.
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"Oh, but of course! It will be an honor and a pleasure to help in any way I can," Jehan replied eagerly, beaming with delight at his friend's good news. Truly, they were such a lovely couple, and he couldn't be happier.
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If Jehan's smile grew much larger, it would threaten to split his face in half. "Dieu, of course I would be amenable," he answered, chuckling. "Nothing would please me more."