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OOC: Me + SOTP + thread ideas

State of the me:

I’ve been an absolutely dreadful role play person over the last few months, and don’t I know it. Busy work, increased involvement with some non-work organizations, and the dreadful state of the world has just sapped away all my energy. You’d think that rp would make a good escape from all that, but for a while there it turned into one more emotional (and time) commitment that I couldn’t handle. I deeply appreciate everyone’s patience with me! Though my life is still busy, and I am still going to be a slow tagger (let’s be honest, I was a slow tagger before it was cool), I am itching to get back into writing, and I think I’m ready to give it another go.

I’m using this SOTP to catch people up on what my pups have being doing MIA, and to get some thread ideas going. What have your pups been up to that my pups should know about? What should our pups do next? What newbies should my pups meet? Gimme ideas. :D

Henri Combeferre

Unsurprisingly, Henri’s life centers around taking care of little Sybbie these days. Though I never formally played it out, he dropped out of medical school shortly after Sybil disappeared, and is back to teaching science classes at Darrow Community College. Friends probably haven’t seen a whole lot of him - not because anything is super wrong, but because being a single dad has eaten most of his life. I am assuming that Courfeyrac has dragged him out a couple times, so he hasn’t been a complete hermit. Just notably absent. I want to do an EP with him officially adopting Sybbie (he would have done it before now, but it’s a thing I want to capture so *handwave*), so that should be coming soonish.
Thread ideas: General hanging out with friends while looking after Sybbie. Making parent friends. Meeting ladies he might crush on because I’d like him to get into a relationship eventually.

Rene Courfeyrac

Look, Rene is Rene. He’s all over the place, all the time, over-involved in his friends’ lives, working hard and partying hard and being ridiculous. If your pup is in any kind of relationship and has told Rene anything about it, he has goaded said pup. A lot. If you pup has gone through anything terrible, he has been there to get them drunk and take them home. He’s also really working hard at City Hall, though he is increasingly realizing that he needs to go back to school to get anywhere professionally. It turns out half-finished 19th century law degrees and a lot of charm only get you so far in modern politics. He isn’t particularly pleased about this realization, but also practical enough to do what he has to do.
Thread ideas: Nothing specific, just hanging out with everyone he knows and being super nosy about their lives???


U G H Athos. Lucie was born shortly after Christmas, but Athos still isn’t really facing how much his life has changed. Instead, he has gone into full avoidance mode - he has been working a lot, riding a lot, drinking…a moderate amount. While he always has a pretty good excuse for being busy, he has been giving baby Lucie (and therefore Aramis and Porthos) a wide berth. And while he definitely has not been explicitly unfriendly with anyone, he’s been fairly closed off with everyone. He has been hunting a lot of vampires lately because stabbing vampires makes for excellent stress relief. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS IDIOT.
Thread ideas: um, anyone who wants to come stab vampires with him is welcome. Maybe he needs to talk to people who are also Awkward About Babies And Modern Things, Too. Friends who will give him hugs despite how poorly he responds to hugs are always appreciated.

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Obviously, Eowyn and Athos always and forever friends. And I'm sure Nikita and Rene are still sleeping together casually whenever both of them are interested and available. So nothing has changed there.

However, I am also wondering if Eowyn and Combeferre might get along. Or maybe Daniel and Combeferre. I'll see who's noisiest when the EP comes along. :)
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Yeessssss. :D Athos has been even less talkative than usual, and has been visiting the stables even more often, but has otherwise been mostly himself with Eowyn. And Rene has been Rene with Nikita.

I love all these ideas, so yes please. Give me whoever strikes your fancy when the time comes!
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Well I always want more Courfeyrac and Marius threads! Maybe something about Courfeyrac going back to school over drinks? For the upcoming Yeerk plot Marius is going to get an alien slug in his brain so that could be fun to thread as well!

Also I would love to thread Newt with Combeferre again. And maybe I will throw Lily at Athos? :D
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Rene should tag Marius' EP y/y? BUT ALSO I definitely want a thread during the Yeerk plot so that Courfeyrac can be properly weirded out after the fact.

Yes to both these things! I definitely want more Newt and Combeferre. I was loving their thread, it just came at a time that was bad for my rp brain. But we can assume they had a perfectly lovely conversation about science-y things and strange animals? And when I get around to EPing 'ferre, Newt should tag!

Yes plz throw Lily at Athos so she can bother the heck out of him. :D Should we wait for one of us to EP, or do you want to do some kind of private thread?
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[personal profile] pontmercyfriend 2017-03-07 11:35 am (UTC)(link)
Y please! :D And yes! I will set up a private post/thread for that when the plot happens and I can link you.

I will definitely tag Newt into 'ferre's upcoming EP! I imagine their conversation got exceptionally nerdy and there were people staring but they were happy as clams the dorks.

I can do either! Lily just had an EP so she won't be having one for a bit and I don't know what your plans are for Athos. I am open to either way you want to do it. :D
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I want my exorcist and Athos to meet, because Aramis and Porthos told Marcus all about him. :D
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omg I saw that thread with Aramis and Porthos and your exorcist, and I've been so excited for them to meet. YES. Let's do that.
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[personal profile] kaitmaree 2017-03-06 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
IDK who/where/how but I feel like we haven't threaded in 84 years and we should fix this.
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[personal profile] somepoorsoul 2017-03-07 03:38 am (UTC)(link)
It's true! I kind of want one of mine to meet Moana, but I'm not sure who. She and Combeferre would probably get along, though. :D
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I would like any and all of yours, please XD

Grantaire has been trying very diligently to stay sober after a period of slowly but surely
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I would like any and all of yours, please XD

Grantaire has been trying very diligently to stay sober after a period of slowly but surely <strike.falling</strike> sneaking off the wagon. Since putting an end to that (again) he might have been a little more scarce around Athos and Courfeyrac, since they're drinking friends, but he'll have missed them so I'd love to have them meet back up.

I like to think he at least kidnaps Combeferre or offers to watch the kid when Courfeyrac's kidnapping him, every so often. General hanging out while the baby runs around is always good for new threads! Etc.

Arthur should meet Courfeyrac properly, haha. It just needs to happen. Especially now that he knows he exists. They can stare at each other awkwardly.

I have wanted Blue to hang with Athos, particularly because he and Tris have a good relationship, for a while, so maybe they can do that? Run into vampires together or something? She attracts the supernatural to her energy, so it's really sort of a matter of time. She is also not down with babies so she'll get it if he wants to talk to a weirdo teenager.
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I just want to put a big stamp of approval on all of these things. XD

Yeah, I have definitely been picturing R sometimes chasing after Sybbie when Courfeyrac is dragging Combeferre out and about...so I'm glad you approve of this image. We really need to do a thread of 'ferre and Grantaire baby-watching! Maybe a good private thread sometime soon?

Speaking of Grantaire and his (not) drinking, Combeferre has been totally supportive, naturally, while Courfeyrac has *tried* to be supportive, but not done a very good job, and probably mopes a bit about being down a drinking buddy. Ugh, brat. BUT ALSO, it's alluded to in canon that Athos has tried to stop drinking a couple times, so if Grantaire ever wants to talk to someone, that could be a super interesting thread.

For reals, Arthur and Courfeyrac need to meet. Also Blue and Athos! I kind of love threading Athos with teenage girls. They just confuse him a lot, okay.

Basically, I just want every single thread. :D Hm. We could start one or two private ones for a couple of our pups, maybe?
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Yes! Definitely! :D

Haha aw, Courfeyrac. We could also thread the two of them (or, plan it out and handwave it, so we don't get ourselves over our head) hashing out Courfeyrac's mopeyness vs Grantaire's struggles. He's already had to sit down with Neil and Edgar about their drinking; he can work through it with Courfeyrac, or call him on his shit/react to being moped about. It'd be an interesting turn of tables at least!

I'd LOVE him to have someone to talk to about it though, and Athos and Grantaire haven't threaded nearly enough. Plus, even though he's cooed at Lucie, he can understand awkwardness about babies/families/domesticity/the future/not being a nihilist/etc.

ALL THE THREADS. A couple of private ones sound good to start with and we can work from there! Any preferences?
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Getting back to this SUPER LATE, please forgive me.

Can I throw Courfeyrac at Arthur in the Sharing gathering post? I'm way behind with my tags (again, lol), but I have been wanting to get to that. I hope it's not too late?

The more I think about it, the more I LOVE the idea of Athos and Grantaire talking about Not Drinking. If that sounds good to you, we could do a private thread. I could set something up this weekend.

And then maybe we could do a Grantaire and Combeferre private thread, too? I want ALL THE THREADS, but that's probably enough to start. XD
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Absolutely! Where better for clone hijinks than a creepy party??

And definitely - I really like that idea too.

ALL THE THREADS YES GIMME. I am actually hopelessly snowed under by tags so if you don't mind my own slowness, I certainly don't mind yours!

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For Athos and Grantaire. I'll get to the other stuff soon. :D

And of course I never mind slowness! We can just continue being slowtime buddies, hah. <3
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Just checking on this one - do you want this to be backdated to while Grantaire's sort of in the middle of relapsing, before he's talked to Edgar and Neil and struggles back onto the wagon, or do you want him to actually NOT be drinking when Athos finds him?
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Gah, I'm really sorry, I should have checked with you about that first! I got over-eager. Either works for me! Or if you don't think R would be in a bar at all, I can do something different, no problem.
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[personal profile] pylades_drunk 2017-03-21 01:50 am (UTC)(link)

No, that's fine! Hmm, I don't think he'd be in a bar by himself now, but it might be cool to have him speak to Athos while he's doubting himself, if you don't mind backdating.

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Definitely don't mind at all!